Casual Muse is a literary site inspired by the new age confessional media that has become more and more embraced. While the style of personal writing  is growing increasingly popular, it is majorly limited to one demographic – the 20-something crowd.  Through creativity, Casual Muse aims to bridge the gap in story-telling, opening  discussions with people of all different types of demographics. I will help share the stories via interviews, essays or by providing this platform for the individual to tell it him/herself.  Email kadia@casualmuse.com for more information or story suggestions. 



To celebrate modern communication through artistic visuals and soulful stories. Casual Muse aims to spark creativity, interest and thought.



October 2014


About the creator:

CasualMuse.com is directed by Kadia Blagrove, a Jamaican-American writer and artist. Her thoughtful and conversational pieces have been published in several publications including The Huffington Post, Complex.com, Thought Catalog, Hello! Nigeria and Africa Daily Groupe. Expanding her skill beyond writing, the Bronx, NY native has lend her hand to numerous international creative projects, fulfilling her passion to support fellow creative individuals.  Within just 5 years of her career, Blagrove has already successfully produced viral editorial content and has been well-noted among media influencers. As an independent creator, Blagrove pursues her mission to engage the masses in discourse and discussion based on fact and feeling.

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