Artists Create Free “Open Space” for Fellow Creatives

NEW YORK, NY – One of the most challenging aspects of being an independent creative is finding space, support, and supplies. Luckily, emerging artists may soon find salvation in new and upcoming program, Open Space.

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“Open Space is a month-long pop-up retail space and gallery located in The Lower East Side of Manhattan. It will facilitate new, emerging and innovative makers, artists and cultural enthusiasts in a single place,”reads the program’s Kickstarter page.

When two friends, jewelry designer Sasha Payton and artist Folasade Adeoso, got frustrated with the all-too-common struggling artist narrative, they decided to join forces and change the conversation. “We have firsthand experience, designing our own lines, marketing it, shopping it to stores and managing our online businesses. Both of us understand the struggle that is there when trying to make all of this happen. Our mission is to provide a platform for like minded individuals to flourish,” Payton explained. “Open Space will be able to alleviate some of the pressures of being in the creative industry by providing in-store exposure and, making a home for the well deserving designers and artist like ourselves.”

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With a leap of faith, Payton and Adeoso paid a deposit for the retail space in hopes of the Kickstarter funding the balance. With only 9 days left, the Kickstarter has already raised more than half of its goal.  Without the support, Open Space risks losing the deposit, the space and all the money it has raised so far. Donations will also make possible events, guest speaker panels, retail supplies, and maintenance assistance.

“We hope to make a major impact with Open Space. We will begin in NYC but we want this to expand globally. If we can show the world that there is a home for any well deserving, emerging creative, how amazing would that be? The idea of this platform being “pop-up” style will allow us to move the shop to different cities in the future,” said Payton. The founders also plan to take Open Space digital, allowing new brands and artists to gain instant and limitless access to consumers worldwide.

The pop-up shop will run throughout the entire month of September, giving emerging talent 30 days of access and location free of charge. This is the perfect opportunity for any fashion-centered creatives to gain some serious exposure, as the pop-up shop coincides with New York Fashion Week. Open Space is currently taking applications for artists interested. At the moment, the number of artists to be carefully selected is undisclosed but the inaugural launch will feature the founders’ brands, Payton’s Black Box Jewelry line and Adeoso’s 1953 Collection fashion line, and the work of up and coming visual artist Justin J.

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