Being Real in a Filtered Social Media World

There is so much beauty in telling authentic stories to one another. Today I spiraled down into a pit of dark thoughts. Self-doubt. Shame. Guilt. Hopelessness. I was struck with anxiety. I’m now 27 and I’m learning to deal with the fact that my life isn’t exactly how I imagined it would be years ago. The bigger lesson is learning not to let my unexpected path halt my journey. Seeking inspiration, I did some reading and eventually ended up on YouTube, watching interviews of some of my favorite inspirations. I found a video of the late Maya Angelou and was reminded of why she will always be my “soul mother.” She was so authentic. Despite all her success, Maya never hesitated in letting the world know how human she was. She was unapologetically transparent. All while sharing her flaws and pain, misery never took hold of her words. There was something uplifting about her harsh truths — they made her relatable and us hopeful. Oprah Winfrey once confided in Maya about all the mistakes she made in her twenties, and Maya’s response was, “That was when you were 20. Now you’re in your thirties. When you know better, you do better.” In an uber filter world in which doom seems to be at every corner disguised as mistakes (aka life lessons), it is absolutely refreshing to hear someone confirm that life indeed goes on and that we can overcome our past.


Inspired by the revelation of the meager role authenticity plays in our modern lives, I made a little (rant?) video. There are too many people sharing half-truth biographies of seemingly perfect lives. I particularly mention new age influencers who sell an idea of their life rather than truly connecting with their audience. I think many of us are afraid to go live with no filter. I try to be as real as I can with my work, in hopes that I can touch someone who can relate. I know how comforting that feeling is. We all relate more to each other than we let on.
Watch my video below and feel free to share your thoughts. Here’s to more real conversations.

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