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Bronx, NY – “You can be well today and gone tomorrow, so why take all the little things to heart?” Ghanaian singer Allinor asks this question in his uplifting song “Fun.” The reggae rock star has touched the ears and hearts of many with his beautiful lyrics and jubilant vibes. I was first introduced to Allinor’s music by a friend. If Bob Marley was ever reincarnated, I’d reckon his spirit resided in Allinor. The singer definitely attributes his sound to Marley’s influence, yet he adds something incredibly fresh and personal to each song. Allinor has made quite a name for himself in the underground reggae scene with his previous single, “Journey Man.” Even more uplifting than the music, is the man. I got to know Allinor better, one day, when I joined him and his band in an impromptu jam session at his home studio, singing and freestyling in the magical energy that manifested the room. It became clear to me that this guy is not only talented, he’s truly spiritually invested in his work. A kind, peaceful, and comforting soul, Allinor is sure to do great things with his music.

ME: Who is Allinor?

ALLINOR: I am made in the image of my creator, therefore I am the creator in essence that who Allinor is.

Where are you from? I am from Ghana, West Africa

Song in your head right now? Two songs in my head “Beasts of No Nation” by Fela and “Finally” by Jesse Royal.

What’s for breakfast? Pomegranate white tea with ginger for breakfast.

Greatest record of all time? Don’t have a specific track, but one of my personal album record is “Distant Relatives” by Nas and Damian Marley.

Where were you last night? Ippudo Ramen a Japanese restaurant around Union Square.

Did you have fun? Yes it was really fun, good vibes.

Apples or oranges? Definitely oranges.

Your favorite performance moment? Played at Spin on Lexington and 23rd one of my best memories from a rough winter season last year.

Best way to calm your nerves? Playing the guitar.

What grinds my gears is….Lateness!! It’s not just about showing up to grab the opportunities that comes your way. You have to show up on time.

Music is…what makes life worth living.



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