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Brooklyn, NY – Chandanie Orgias is an incredible soul with an even more incredible voice. She’s one of those cool girls you see on the subway, effortlessly stylish and illuminated with a vibrant aura of dopeness. The Brooklyn based songstress brings a refreshing sound back to music, with her simple acoustics and soft pretty vocals.  I listened to her cover of Van Hunt’s “Down Here in Hell (With You),” on infinite repeat, and fell intoxicated under her smooth-like-honey vocals. Heavily influenced by alternative hip hop, old school R&B, and folk, Chandanie takes music to a spiritual level with meaningful lyrics and thoughtful melodies. I’m happy to say I’ve witnessed her magic firsthand when she performed at her release party for her debut EP is that a crime?. Chatting with her about her work is also magical. Seriously, everything she says is like a beautiful poetic lyric! Please “meet” her below.

ME: Who is Chandanie?

CHANDANIE: A singer-songwriter-introvert who loves all forms of artistic expression, stringed instruments, shades of brown and metaphysical conversations.

Where are you from? I’m from the beautiful state of Maryland aka the DMV area. Having both a suburban and rural upbringing, living in NYC is the perfect contrast.

Who or what is your current muse? In the sense of what inspires me as a songwriter, what causes me to bring out the notebook or rush to open the ever-growing notes full of lyrics on my phone, it is the mundane. A packed subway car during rush hour, a woman speed walking to work, body alive and spirit dead, watching the clock waiting for time to pass instead of living in the present — this touches me. We’re meant to be Creators, the capitalist lifestyle as the norm seems so unnatural to our nature, this is my favorite topic to write about….currently.

If your music were food, what would be the ingredients? The ingredients would be a mix of honey, cayenne pepper, green tea and whiskey. Not only does the sound warmly soothe, my lyricism has a kick that eradicates sickness. I actually call this drink the “Danger Delight,” named after one of my role models and mentors Antonio Dangerfield, a trumpet player here in NY that gave me this recipe and mentorship to last a lifetime.

Weirdest thing that happened this week? All of my electronic devices (phone, computer, chargers) have been malfunctioning. Perhaps because Mercury is in retrograde, I’ll be happy to see this energy pass and resurrect my Instagram life.

Name an album you don’t ever skip a track. Monica’s Miss Thang. I love her vocal contribution on that album, the inclusion of some classic cover tracks, raw emotion in the delivery. It’s the type of R&B I’m here for.

Favorite performance moment. I recently held a private event at my place in Brooklyn for the release of my debut project is that a crime? EP. The space was packed with people and a beautiful energy. There was a point when everyone was singing “alright alright alright” off of my favorite Badu song, “Cleva.” We all affirmed our self-worth, we accepted the perfection of our imperfections, we shined together. That is why I perform, for that feeling of séance and communion.



Current obsession? Bedstuy Fish Fry, it takes me right to my grandma’s kitchen in Marbury, MD. It’s that southern love oil, a taste of home to tie me over until my next visit home.

One thing that grinds my gears is…Street harassment grinds my gears, and not simply its existence but its absence when I walk the streets with a man by my side. One day I was walking with 2 friends, one a woman and the other a man. A man approached us two women, upon noticing we were walking with a man, he apologized…not to us, but to our friend. That feeling is so disempowering. We are people, not property! #SirHaveSeveralSeats

Saturdays or Sundays? Sundays! It’s a day of peace. In the morning you’ll probably find me watching an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Favorite creative/artist/musician of all time. Without question, Erykah Badu takes the throne. Unapologetic blackness, a femininity that can be as masculine and queenly as she wants, lyricism saturated with whit and creativity, music rooted in our heritage, the epitome of dope.

Music is…Prayer, meditation, connection to the Universe/We/I Am, conversation on the spirit level.

What my work means to me is…Fulfilling my soul’s longing to create, to be Who I Am in the effort to allow you to be Who You Are.

Chandanie @ Alive Underground


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Check out Chandanie’s debut project is that a crime? EP, officially out now! The musically project is an ode to counter-normativity, an introspective questioning of what is the ideal in romantic relationships, self-love, and beauty. Visit Chandanie’s website to hear news about upcoming shows, music, and the video release.

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