Casual Intros: Jalayna Johnson

BROOKLYN, NY – Jalayna Johnson is always up for a challenge. Years ago, I watched her rock the mic as she victoriously battled male rappers as the only raptress on the roster. Through music and education, this ambitious artist has served as both mentor and teacher to inner-city youth. Now, the hip-hop head scores a new triumph: a healthy lifestyle.  After much hard work, discipline and dedication, Jalayna lost 40 lbs and adopted a brand new way of life.  She now embarks on a mission to encourage women to pursue a healthy lifestyle with her  Fit Chicks movement. Get to know this inspiring chick in the Casual Intro below!

ME: What is Fit Chicks?

JALAYNA JOHNSON: Fit Chicks is a health & fitness brand that educates and empowers women to lead healthy lifestyles. It’s not about being a size zero. It’s about living your healthiest self and taking care of your mind and body using a natural approach.

Who or what is your current muse? My current muse is a picture of myself when I was 40 lbs heavier. It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come and it inspires me to never ever be that girl again.

Jalayna's 40 lb weight loss
Jalayna’s 40 lb weight loss

What’s your health obsession? I’m obsessed with being a vegetarian. If we were meant to eat meat, we would have fangs like lions and other carnivores. We wouldn’t have to cook meat if we were meant to eat it. We would eat it raw, on the spot, like the rest of the carnivores in the animal kingdom. But we don’t; we have flat teeth just like horses. What do horses eat? Grass.

Worst fitness trend? Dieting. Diets don’t work. Once you complete the diet and meet your weight goal, you eventually reward yourself with unhealthy foods and ultimately gain the weight again. You must change your lifestyle indefinitely and within reason.

Favorite health tip? No Lettuce! Lettuce has fiber, which is good, and water, but it lacks nutrients. Instead I use kale or spinach for my salads. The darker the greens, the better!

Favorite cheat meal? I have a sweet tooth, so oatmeal raisin cookies are a weakness….

What keeps me centered is… Meditation. I meditate for 20 minutes in my living room every chance I get. It keeps me calm and prevents me from eating foods that are bad for me. I can be rational when I am rational.

What my work means to me is… Fit Chicks is not about me. It’s about helping other people and sharing my knowledge and the knowledge of others. I don’t gain anything except for the satisfaction of helping someone other than myself. That is everything to me.

What now? Check out for health and fitness tips, recipes, hair therapy, celebrity interviews, and more!

Fit Chicks  NY Co-founders, Jalayna Johnson (left) and Sasha Payton (right).
Fit Chicks NY Co-founders, Jalayna Johnson (left) and Sasha Payton (right).


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