Casual Intros: Jennifer Nnamani

NEW YORK, NY  – From her epic hairstyles, bold lipstick, and funky style to her creative mind, Jennifer Nnamani is one inspiring gal! I met her last year when she launched her fashion production company, Beau Monde Society.  Although a young mogul, Jennifer’s vision was always beyond just her own success — her purpose is deeply rooted in her African culture and humanity. So far, BMS has produced several spectacular shows and events that have promoted individual style and social awareness.  Get to know Jennifer in the Casual Intro below!

ME: Who is Jennifer Nnamani?

JENNIFER NNAMANI: She is a determined, passionate, often times described as a complex, eclectic and a creative soul. She enjoys meeting new people with the same passions, challenging herself to push pass her current threshold, and leaving a positive impact on the environment.

What or who is  your current muse? There are two models that I have seen recently on Instagram that I want to work with. Besides those beautiful faces, I have some creative ideas that are brewing–and I can’t wait to finally execute them.

Current obsession? Dreaming of a trip to Bali! That has been my recent obsession–and exploring new cuisines. I recently tried Oysters at Aqua Grill. Safe to say that is an acquired taste!

My outfit is never complete without…: Something with triangles/pyramids.

Things that really grind my gears are…: Ignorance about global warming, racial inequality, gun violence, the abuse of women and children, genocide in Sudan, the unending violence in Syria, Iraq, and Gaza, why isn’t there a cure for EBOLA yet? Also, why is MTA’s fare always going up? How can people provide for themselves and their families if they can’t even get to work?

Sample of Jennifer's work. The story is Clandestine Evolution as seen in Refix Magazine.
Sample of Jennifer’s work. The story is Clandestine Evolution as seen in Refix Magazine.

One thing that makes me proud is…: Receiving my MBA–Summa Cum Laude. I pushed myself to new heights and I was so happy to have shared that moment with my brother.

What song is on repeat? The Luke James album

Top three  awesome moments of 2014  for you so far: Assisting MARITAGE International founder in executing his New York City fundraiser back in March, installing the 2nd annual Fashion Envie, and acting as the festival coordinator for Women in Fashion and Film Festival. These were all great learning experiences– I acquired new skills and expanded my network. I even got a chance to catwalk for Andre Leon Talley during one of the sessions at WWFest ’14. (Ed Note: Whose year can top this?!)

What my work means to me is…: My creative outlet. As a child growing up in Nigeria, I wrote short stories/poems and painted landscapes to pass the time. Through Beau Monde Society, I have been able to do more and there’s so much that is yet to come. With my photo stories and creative direction, I am able to reconnect with that childhood passion of mine.

What’s happening?  BMS is getting ready for few shoots in the next two months as well as the planning for Fashion Envie 2015. We are currently looking for designers to submit. They can send us a link to their work via



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