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Santa Rosa, CA —  It’s great to feel confident and beautiful, but it’s even better to help others feel just as awesome. Stylist Malia Anderson is helping women upgrade their wardrobe and their self-esteem. Style by Malia, a personal styling business sparked from a childhood dream, blossomed after Anderson’s decades-long career in the fashion industry. The Santa Rosa resident uses her platform not just for dishing style secrets, but also to empower women, promote body positivity, and support her community. Please meet this beautiful soul in our Casual Intro below!


ME: Who is Malia Anderson?


MALIA ANDERSON: Malia Anderson is a lot of things: A wife, a daughter, a best friend, a CEO, a founder, and a stylist. I’m a lover of fashion, travel, books, life and God.


How do you start your day? I hate to say it, but I start my day with FOMO (fear of missing out). I need to know what has happened in the 6 hours I have been asleep; so Facebook, Instagram, e-mail — in that order.


What is your current obsession? Noonday jewelry and Henri Bendel bags.  I can’t get enough of either right now. It is an expensive habit.


Coffee or tea? Always tea. Hot or iced. It is a must in my day.



Favorite item in closet? That is like asking a mom to pick her favorite child. Right now I am loving pleated skirts (I have a couple and they are my jam right now). I am also going a bit crazy with shoes; I’m trying to find the perfect summer shoe.


Favorite fashion icon (dead, alive, famous, or nonfamous)? My aunts. Dressing well is something they take very seriously. I have idolized them since I was little, so I take dressing well very seriously.


What’s the plan this summer? I have a lot of travel planned for my business. I’ll be in DC, NYC, LA and Palm Springs for work. As far as just having fun, I plan on a lot of pool days and some girls time away since this is my hubby’s busiest time of year


One thing that grinds my gears is…Shade. I want people to stop throwing shade and to stop being shady. I am a direct from the source person, I say what I mean and mean what I say and I have no problem saying it to your face. So if you have things you need to say to me, make an appointment and we will hash it out. Also romance novels, I don’t like the idea of people being together for less than a month and then getting engaged (that ticks me off).


Who or what is your current muse? Lupita Nyong’o, Viola Davis, Danai Gurira and Danielle Brooks are my dark skin girl loves. I love them because I believe in every aspect of loving myself. Also, Fantasia’s new music is the music I need in my life. Mellody Hobson is my business spirit animal.


How do you define style? My style is classic and ladylike at all times with bits of edginess thrown in for good measure. I think my clothing has a quiet sexiness, I don’t show everything, but  I do make sure my hubby likes it.

Malia -93

Confidence is… Knowing who you are and what you are capable of. Knowing that God has given me every tool I need to live my best life and knowing no matter what I do, I do things on my own terms.


Beauty is… Being without flaws. Now that does not mean flawless, but it means that when I look in the mirror I look at all the positives that stare back at me. I see the beauty in my eyes, I see the glowing skin that my hubby loves so much, I see the legs that go on for days. What I do not do is break down my body to find flaws. I think of my beauty as without flaws.


What my work means to me is…My work is everything to me. It helps me support my family and lifestyle. My work is something I have built from an idea. It’s part of my purpose in life. I get to watch people transform and it brings me joy. My work drives me to be the best. My work helps the community I live in. My work is my passion.


What’s happening? Everyday something new happens, but right now I am now working on my first book. I hope to finish my book by the end of summer.  I am also working on Style by Malia TV, and that will fully kick off in June.


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