Casual Intros: Sasha Payton

BROOKLYN, NY  –  One thing I love about New York City is the energy — it’s full of a bit of everything. Another thing I love about NYC are the natives who reflect that same spirit.  Sasha Payton is a human melting pot.  She’s co-founder of FitChicks,  a holistic health aficionado, a model, a muse, a designer, a businesswoman and really just the kind of girl you want to be around! Incredibly soulful, Sasha shows what it means to live a full life.  The Brooklyn-based creative just relaunched her jewelry line, Black Box Jewelry. Find out what keeps her inspired, fit, and fabulous in the Casual Intro below!

ME: Who is Sasha Payton?

Sasha Payton: Sasha is a girl, a jack of all trades, a creative soul, a free spirit, and a bit of a rebel. She loves culture, life, and amazing food. Sasha is a jewelry designer, a lover of fashion, and kind of a health freak.

What or who is  your current muse? Her name is Mother Nature, she is full of endless inspiration. My jewelry collections are always an homage to her and all of her organic beauty.

Shot by Barron Claiborne
Shot by Barron Claiborne

Current obsession? My current obsession is this Ethiopian restaurant named Injera in NYC! Oh, I just can’t stop thinking about that delicious food! You eat with your hands, the owners are kind and welcoming, the atmosphere is amazing, and the food is to die for!

Weirdest thing that happened today? Considering that I live in NYC, the weirdest thing that happened today is that nothing at all weird happened to me today….there is always something weird happening! That’s the norm in New York!

Source:  Fernanda Calfat
Source: Fernanda Calfat

One thing that grinds my gears is…The unfortunate ignorance of racial issues in the US. It drives my crazy that racial attitudes exist. How dare someone think that they could be better than another group?  What’s worse is the fact that people think that racism is over.

Favorite hair care tip? My favorite hair care tip is to always keep your lovely tresses moisturized. This will allow your coils to grow long and strong. When I run out of my favorite store bought hair product, I love to reach for olive oil, coconut oil and other classic kitchen items.

What’s keeps you creative? Surrounding myself with other creative people keeps me inspired and creative. It’s amazing what ideas are born from a simple conversation with a fellow creative.

sasha blackbox
Black Box Jewelry

Favorite DIY beauty/health remedy? My favorite DIY exfoliate is half of a lemon with brown sugar. This removes dead skin, improved blood circulation (which gives you a glow) and the lemon dries out any oily spots on your face! Follow up with using fresh aloe to moisturize.

My favorite natural health tip is a quick remedy for the common cold found here.

How do you start your day? I normally start my day with a nice cup of tea and I try to always eat breakfast.

What keeps me centered is…Always having a moment to myself. This keeps me centered and allows me to work more efficiently.

What my work means to me is…The work I do is supposed to keep a good taste in your mouth. It should be memorable and leave you with a great feeling. My work comes from a positive place. My work is a direct representation of me.

Sasha's latest creations
Sasha’s latest creations

What’s happening? I am relaunching my jewelry line for the holidays in mid November. I am releasing a capsules collection and something else new for the brand! Stay tuned! has lots of amazingness coming your way.



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