Casual Musings: Psychic Derek Calibre: Part I – Intuition vs Coincidence

NEW YORK, NY – I believe in psychics. I believe there are folks who are intuitively gifted.  Sure, some of you  may laugh or mock me for my beliefs but it is impossible for me to exist in this grand universe and only accept the physical aspects of it.  Miraculous, whimsical, extraordinary things happen every day — at least in New York. Beyond our hustle and bustle of the concrete world, there is a vast spiritual energy that moves along with us.

I met psychic Derek Calibre a few months ago. I had been curious about visiting a psychic for years. Teasing my curiosity with daily horoscopes and free online astrological birth charts, I needed more than just a basic personality profile — I already knew who I was.  What I was seeking was clarity for what was happening and also some direction on where to go.  After some serious Google and Yelp research, I found myself in Derek’s Upper Westside lair. He’s not the scary, stereotypical, crystal ball wielding kind of psychic — he’s very normal!  His place is also non-threatening; it’s incredibly peaceful. He also did not use any of those scary tarot cards decorated with ghouls and goblins; he used beautiful photography postcards.

After meeting with Derek, I discovered his blog and found him to be incredibly inspirational. He believes we all have psychic ability and that it’s just a matter of how much you make yourself aware. I revisited him for some tea and an insightful chat on intuition. Check out part 1 of this 3-part Casual Musing.

KADIA BLAGROVE:  What is Intuition?

DEREK CALIBRE:  Intuition is a sense. Just like taste, see, touch, smell. It’s an intangible sense, I suppose. I think it’s interesting how it’s perceived as being elusive, and I guess it is. It’s something we seek to trust. We have this impulsion to trust our intuition.

KB: Where do you think it comes from?

DC: I think it’s instinctual in the human experience. We’re wired as hunters from thousands of years ago. We have these intuitions about people like if they are bright or interesting  or if something is wrong with them.   It’s not based on a concrete fact. So intuition is sort of like a portal to understanding.

KB: I’ve noticed I’ll have these feelings then I’ll have these coincidences that would happen. I read a blog post from you where you said anyone can exercise his or her own psychic ability by focusing on a thought and expecting it to come to life — like [your story of] the red ball or the mushrooms growing out of your ceiling. That was so bizarre! I  gave it a try. I thought of something I would never normally see. I thought of a yellow balloon. I live in the Bronx. There’s not much chance of seeing yellow balloons around here. It was late at night and I couldn’t sleep, so I turned on the television and the first thing I saw was a bunch of yellow balloons. I was so shocked.

DC: I love it!

KB: What do you make of coincidences?

DC: What you notice, notices you back. So if you notice something and a pattern emerges, then you are tuned into that . Therefore you will recognize, or “re-cognize,” what you have seen before. There are statisticians that will say coincidences are just built into the numbers. It’s just a byproduct of statistics — the odds of things. Occasionally, there will be anomalies or unique experiences, that may be true. I don’t deny that of them. I’m not a mathematician but I am somebody who actively uses his imagination. And I find that when we engage with our imagination that there is a correspondence between our imaginary life and the world of what I call “symbolic reality” and our waking reality or experience. My theory of psychic awareness is that it must be whimsical or sort of unexpected and different — out of the ordinary. You can play with the symbolism of what you are experiencing.

KB: Do you think the symbols are always positive though? My friends and I would have this type of coincidence: “Hey I saw something that reminded me of my horrible ex. Should I call him?”

DC:  (Laughs) I think we have to be careful to not see coincidences as instructing us in any direction. It’s very easy to look at things and to reduce them to good or bad. I don’t think coincidences are particularly doing that.  You notice it and you have the freedom to see either the light or the shadow in that symbol. Every symbol has a light and a shadow. I’m careful of interpreting coincidences in a way where they’re warning us.  What we create in our minds is what leads in our reality. In other words, nothing in reality is created unless we imagine it first.

KB: Truth.

DC: We have the responsibility to be positive and inspiring with our thoughts.

KB: But let’s say you’re planning a trip then all of a sudden you start hearing about plane crashes. Is that a coincidence of a warning sign or is it just a coincidence?

DC: I think it’s a byproduct of where we’re at emotionally. There’s a certain psychic reflection — a mirror that is reflecting our emotions. So if we are in an emotional state of anxiety, we have those anxiety dreams that are being pushed out of us, almost like our mind is a pressure cooker. Remember what we notice, notices us back. I think if you spend a lot of time in worry  then you’re gonna see signs and interpret them [as warnings].
Tune back in soon for parts 2 and 3!


Learn more about Derek Calibre by visiting his site.

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