Casual Musings with Artist Azaria Ledeatte-Williams

East London, UK -Earlier this week,  I was treated to quite the pleasant surprise.

Someone painted a beautiful portrait, inspired by me! Artist Azaria Ledeatte-Williams used my nude photoshoot as inspiration for her painting below.

“A Sigh of Relief” by Azaria Ledeatte-Williams
“A Sigh of Relief” by Azaria Ledeatte-Williams

I’ve never had anyone create anything after me, so this is pretty cool! I chatted with the East-London-based artist to learn more about her. Ledeatte-Williams is a 29-year-old single mother of two (read: superwoman). She’s been an artist her whole life, but due to her full-time role as a teaching assistant and mother, she gets most of her art done during school holidays.


“I attempted my first acrylic on canvas piece which was a family portrait of myself and my two children. It took weeks but each one of our faces that I painted my skill improved,” Ledeatte-Wlliams told me of her early days as a professional artist. “I then looked into the theme of the spirit of womanhood. It was here that [I discovered]  my fascination of water and moonlight and being bathed in that soft glow — looking at how delicate, soft, and feminine women are versus how strong they have to be to be.”


Ledeatte-Williams works with her (also talented) sister Zalika Ledeatte-Williams, and together they formed Amina John – Simply Art, a digital art gallery of their respective works. “[My sister]  was more focused on the business side and I was all about the art so we decided to combine our styles and try and launch our work together.”

Learn more about Azaria Ledeatte-Williams and Amina-John – Simply Art by visiting her website. Be sure to check out her beautiful artwork by following her on Instagram.

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