Creative Therapy: Art Yoga + Slow Walk

MIAMI BEACH, FL — During my time in Miami for Art Basel, I fell under, the humorously  nicknamed stress, “fairtigue.” Hopping back to back from fair to event, rushing for buses and shuttles, battling other pedestrians for cabs,  attempting to view every single piece of art work, and then trying to blog about it in a timely fashion can wear a person out.  I was staying at a makeshift hostel that was occupied by 15 other people and had absolutely no Wi-Fi. For safety reasons, I left my laptop back home in NYC and attempted to blog via smartphone — not the easiest task. The pressure was on and the anxiety was high. Thankfully, throughout the hectic (yet fun) trip, I found peace in some artful and creative therapies.

Art Yoga

art yoga

Namaste.  My first full day in Miami was quite eventful — Rubell Family Collection‘s cake brunch in the AM and other activities leading up to the festivities of PAMM‘s one year anniversary concert event at night.  I was in desperate need of some decompressing, thus I joined the Art Yoga class at Loews Hotel the next morning.  The poolside class was exactly what I needed — mediation,  a good stretch and calm energy.  After the class, students were treated to smoothies, drinks, granola bites and a fun art session in which we spray painted complimentary canvas bags. I made sure to catch up with our instructor Jodi Carey about beginning a yogic journey and what yoga has done for her.  “[Life’s] challenge is finding what is best for you. I stay centered by meditating.” She then went on to explain how art and yoga are correlated. Yoga is a creative expression made with our bodies.



Slow Walk

slow walk

On my last day in Miami, I went downtown to visit the YoungArts Foundation’s Slow Walk. The interactive performance invited guests to participate in the art of “slow walk,” a practice taught by legendary performance artist Marina Abramović to her pupils.  Abramović’s protege Brittany Bailey ead the performance.  Located in the beautiful Jewelbox building which is decorated in  gorgeous stain glass windows, the room was incredibly peaceful and bright. As I walked in I saw  a small group of people in an almost statuesque pose but they were slowly motioning throughout the space.  I met with Bailey (who explained the entire process to  me), took of my shoes and was guided into a wonderful exercise for focus and meditation. Lift your leg.  Tap. Step. Move forward. Repeat with the other leg. Slow Walk is meant to help relieve tension and enhance focus as you control your breath and pay close attention to  (literally) every step you take.

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