Dad and Baby Sing Beautiful Melody on Piano (VIDEO)

Cleveland, OH —  Here’s a challenge. I dare you to watch the below video and not fall instantly in love!

The beautiful melody is actually an original song titled “Dreamer,” written by dad and up and coming artist Dave Love. The Cleveland, Ohio based singer started sharing his music with the world two years ago — just around the time he became a father. Love’s 2-year-old son JR seems to be one of his greatest inspirations.

“I started singing lyrics around the house and my little man picked up on them really quickly so I sat him on the piano with me and we started singing,” Love told me. “I was happy knowing that he liked the song, so for everyone else to like it as well was a major bonus! Music has always been my passion, so to watch my son share that same love for it at such a young age means the world to me.”

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more adorable Dave Love and son collaborations! According to Love, the little singer is already discovering his talent.

“JR  had no choice but to pick up on his musical abilities. Being exposed to it at such an early age, I noticed the way he watched me play the piano and sing.[…] I started singing with him and buying him musical instruments and microphones to play around the house. Now music is like a social bond me and my son have.”

Love plans to release the full version of “Dreamer” in a few weeks on his website.  Until then, we’ll just enjoy the constant replay of that adorable video!

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Twitter: @DaveLoveUCD

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