Dear Young Sister, This is What it Means to Become a Woman

By: Danielle Chery

Dear Young Sister,

You asked me what it means to become a woman. I find that question difficult to answer. I say that, because I believe there is no one point in your life where you finally become a woman. You are and always will be a woman becoming. I find it to be a continuous growth; one to expect, embrace and be proud of. While you think you are finding yourself, in actuality, you are creating yourself.

Instead of simply speaking about what it means to become a woman, I would like to factor in “love.” Similar to how many use the phrase, “money is the root of all evil,” well, love is the root of all happiness. That is the common goal of life, correct? To be happy. Keep this in mind: love liberates; love is freedom – and when you are free you are your happiest self!

Love brings out all things possible. It brings fascination. With love, you learn compassion. You learn courage. You learn confidence. You learn strength. You learn peace. Most of all, you learn selflessness. Love is the one action that will allow you to find your passion. It will lead you to live well and to do good for others – to do good in the world. It will allow you to affect others in ways unbeknownst to you. As Maya Angelou puts it, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Love does that. With love, you find compassion, inspiration, respect, truth, discipline, and so much more.

You asked me what it means to become a woman. I think you already know the answer. I would like to explore my thoughts on what it means to be a “human becoming”. Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? We all have a different purpose. The time to start thinking about your own personal legend is now. The time is always now. As humans becoming, we must set goals for ourselves. It’s important to find our comfort zones. A comfort zone does not have to be a place where you are idle– but perhaps a bubble where you can float around, always doing what you love. My comfort zone is in creativity and service. I feel a sense of pure joy during the moments when I am volunteering my time, energy and skills to others. I am comfortable with the love that is in my heart to help others – locally and internationally. This is my personal mission.

Passion is that little voice in your heart that says, “You can be and do whatever it is you FEEL.” Passion is so inspiring, because sometimes it may bring you to a point where you are knocking down barriers; it allows you to be different and to be accepted for your differences. Passion allows you to illuminate from within. Passion is your motivation! Once you’re passionate about something, you then have to find the confidence to own it. Once you find the confidence to own that passion, well then it’s time to gather the courage and put fear behind you – because life is about to take you on a ride!
I have a passion to help others and I have a passion to be creative. I am a writer, a photographer, a traveler, a painter, a volunteer, and a conscious human becoming. I am love. My passion for writing brought along the interest to write and publish my very first children’s book, Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers. It’s a story that highlights the value of volunteering and caring for others. I simply tied my two passions together! What are your passions, young sister?

Due to love, I have standards for respect. I respect myself and I honor my wishes. I should be able to love, trust, protect, and cherish myself. With that, I also treat others they way I intend to be treated – with the utmost respect. We must set standards, so that we have something to strive toward. These standards will change, as you change.

I think our responsibilities, as humans becoming is to be conscious of life. What does it mean to be ALIVE? You are here, and that only means that you are powerful! You have the power to take yourself on a journey; the journey of your dreams. What does it mean to be a human becoming? It means that you can dream, and you can live that dream. You are at the point where you are daydreaming, fantasizing, and looking forward to all of the wonderful things you will do in YOUR life.

Let’s live lives doing the common good. We love as many people as we can along our journeys in life. With this type of love, you will find yourself always looking to help out where you can. When you are truthful with yourself and release the love you have within, you will have set yourself free. May your heart allow you to live a fulfilled life loving others throughout the world as best you can! And, when people ask you who you are – you’ll be able to give them an answer other than a job title.

Lastly, I want to share with you a dear friend of love; they share an invaluable relationship. Faith! Have faith, and you will find your way to anything you could ever want (and much more) – because the magic is, that it already exists! You, young sister, already exist. You are womanhood. You are a human becoming.

With love,

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Danielle Chery is a Brooklyn, NY based artist, author and humanitarian. One of the most inspiring and bright individuals I’ve ever met, Danielle uses her gifts and passion to educate and empower others.  Learn more about her in the links above and be sure to check out her latest children’s  book, Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers.



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