Jef Kearns Gets Soulful with “The Flute”

There’s nothing like some smooth jazzy tunes to get your soul lifted and your creative juices flowing. When flautist Jef Kearns sent over his new album The Flute, I was hit with a euphoric spell.

“I called the album ‘The Flute’ with the intent of making a statement,” explained the Toronto-based artist. “When people think of flute they tend to think of it as a classical, sometimes shrilly, and always pretty instrument. The music on ‘The Flute’ serves as a new definition of what the flute can be —  a soulful and sometimes sexy instrument that has something to say.”

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The new music follows up after Kearns’ bestselling Soulfiscated. My favorite track off of the album is “Hazy,” an easy jam with a chill vibe. (There’s even an alternative version, featuring the beautiful vocals of singer Karen Jewels, on the album.) Take a listen to the original below.

“The Flute” will release on Feb 27. Stay up to date with Jef Kearns by visiting his site.

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