Main Muse: Justin J’s “My Yeye/Mother, I” Portrait (From His ‘Untitled’ Mixed Media Series)

Creator: Justin J.

Muse: His mother

Location: Atlanta, GA

As Mother’s Day approaches, we scramble to find the perfect gift or treat for the special lady in our lives. One artist, Justin J. is using his artwork to celebrate moms near and far. The upcoming creative, mostly known for his photography, has been experimenting with drawing and painting lately.

“I’m kind of looking for new ways to create.  I feel like I’m limited with just photography because [the industry] is so saturated now. So many people can copy or can have the same aesthetic or style. It’s becoming monotonous and that doesn’t help me separate myself as an artist. It limits my expression. Between transitioning into fine art by using mixed media pieces, paints, and different tools, I also wanted to learn how to expand upon that.” The young artist is building a collection of his experimental work under his ‘Untitled’ Mixed Media series.

"Lady of the blues healing w/ hues" 2016 Digital Mixed Media
“Lady of the blues healing w/ hues” 2016 Digital Mixed Media

Justin creates his drawings from memory, freehand, and his own photography. His “My Yeye/Mother, I” portrait was sketched from a photo he secretly snapped of his mother.

“I loved that look she had. It was so sincere. She was so tired  yet looked so lovely. She’s very  graceful and just needed a moment of silence. We were in the living room discussing a table we had and talking about everyday life bullshit, and she was just sitting there and I took the photo. She didn’t even notice I took the photo.”

The “My Yeye/Mother, I” portrait has received so much praise that Justin is now sharing his work for all moms to enjoy with his limited edition Mother’s Day cards.

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Treat mom to something real special this year! Justin is offering custom designs, text, and illustrations for your personalized card for $25.00 with free shipping. Email him at for more information.

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