Santiago Calatrava Brings Sculptural Nature to Park Ave

New York, NY —  World renown artist and architect Santiago Calatrava is bringing some nature to the concrete jungle.  In a public exhibition presented by Marlborough Gallery, The Fund for Park Avenue Sculpture Committee, and NYC Parks, seven new red, black and silver painted aluminum sculptures have been installed along the central median on Park Avenue between 52nd and 55th Streets in Manhattan. In honor of the exhibit’s June 8th  debut last week,  Calatrava led a private tour down Park Avenue, sharing details of his process and what it means to have these particular sculptures present on one of NYC’s busiest streets.


As I followed Calatrava  up Park Avenue, I noticed his soft-spoken and gentle demeanor. His magnificent work definitely speaks volumes.  Each sculpture is an abstract and expressive form of nature — one may interpret the figures as air, water, leaves, or even animal. According to Calatrava, “their relation to the natural world suggests a link between man and nature, implying the sculptures are found objects in a human forest.” Two of the seven works are complex tension compression structures held in place with tiny, nearly invisible cables. The works are meant to appear  as if  they “simply grow from the ground. Within each sculpture, an internal logic of autonomy delivers lyrical forms and implies a sense of elevation and spiritual uplifting.”

With this exhibit, Calatrava continues his exploration of the relationship between the creations of man and the creations of nature. Concurrently, the international artist is also making more NYC news with his in-progress World Trade Center Transportation Hub.


The sculptures definitely add some character on the otherwise very conservative, corporate, suit-and-tie locale. With all the hustle and bustle that surrounds midtown east, it’s nice to stop and stare at something artsy — not to mention snap an awesome Instagram flick. Be sure to check out Calatrava’s sculptures located on Park Avenue between 52nd and 55th Streets. The exhibition will run through mid November 2015.


Images courtesy of Nadine Johnson & Associates Inc. Photo credit: EPW Studio/ Maris Hutchinson, 2015

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