Starfish Gala 2016

NEW YORK, NY — I attended the Starfish Gala at the beautiful Tribeca Rooftop a few weeks ago on March 2nd, and as always it was a magical night of charity and goodwill. This year has been marked the “best one ever,” as hundreds of generous supporters raised over $160,000, making possible to supply education, healthcare, and building programs to thousands of children throughout South Africa.

A magical night in Tribeca.
A magical night in Tribeca.
Starfish's executive director Nicola Atherstone and South African Consul Bernard Legodi.
Starfish’s executive director Nicola Atherstone and South African Consul Bernard Legodi.
A snapshot of me chatting away.

Drummers best

For years, Starfish Greathearts Foundation has intertwined art and charity by auctioning beautiful works from artists near and far. This year’s list of artists included James Delaney, Richard Scott, Gabrielle Raaff, Lara Mellon, Greg Anderson, Benjamin Mitchley, Richard Cheales, and my good friend Justin J.  Last year, Justin attended the gala with me as Casual Muse’s photographer and this year his work was on display for all to enjoy — so it was a magical night all around! It goes to show, you never know where one experience will lead you to next.


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Starfish brings so much life and hope to orphaned children suffering with HIV/AIDS. With a successful gala like this one past, we can see only more wonderful work being done.



The Starfish Greathearts Foundation USA [Starfish USA] is an international charity bringing life, hope and opportunity to children orphaned and impoverished by HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Other programs are located in the UK, Canada and South Africa. The monies raised in the US help provide significant annual support to over 16,000 children in 35 communities to fund education, healthcare and child protection services. More information can be found on  

Learn more by visiting their website.

Images: Courtesy of Justin J for  Starfish Greathearts Foundation

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