Turning Social Media into Social Healing: Woman Sparks Movement to Inspire Positivity

London, UK — Social anxiety is probably more common than it has ever been. With an infinite number of social media apps available in the palm of our hands, we have 24/7 access to the lives of millions around the world. Perfectly crafted profiles adorned with only the finest and fascinating details strained from mundane everyday reality, fill our timelines. The amount of unnecessary information we can absorb from just our morning timelines is incredible. We take these filtered truths and somehow apply it to our own unfiltered realities. While recent studies prove that social networks like Facebook have led to an overwhelming number of anxiety issues among users, one English woman is trying to make the opposite happen with her social media movement M.E.A.P.O. (Make Everyday a Positive One).


Kizzy Humphrey, the London-based founder of the movement, has always been the one to brighten the day of her loved ones.  “I’ve always been the go to girl amongst friends and family for advice or comfort. From since I was a child, I’ve been that way. So really it was just a platform for other people to like a few pictures,” Kizzy explains about her starting the M.E.A.P.O. Facebook page. A visit to the movement’s profile page will lead you down a wonderful rabbit hole of inspiring memes, encouraging quotes, and uplifting photos.

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“I had gone back to school to study counseling and psychotherapy, and used [the M.E.A.P.O Facebook page] as part of my training to interact and learn to just listen to people. And from there we have managed to get a following of over 8,000 people on Facebook.” Of the 8,000+ followers who found safety and hope in M.E.A.P.O, was also Kizzy. The founder admits that through establishing this movement, she found healing for her own issues. At one point, her personal issues took such a toll over her life that she almost called it quits. “Although we have over 8,000 users following, I never really interacted with them. Only a few I spoke with and listened to when they needed to talk. Because, if I’m honest, I didn’t understand how I managed to gather so many followers, when I’m just being me! But then I fell in love with a boy and he broke my heart, I had to overcome a tragic event that happened to me the summer before, and friendships with people who I loved dearly just went sour. I was down. I remember calling one of those friends crying, I mean really crying from the heart, about how hurt I was with everything and that I wanted to shut down and disappear off of the social media world. He kept telling me to look back on the fond times I had with those friends and feel happy. And I remember sarcastically thinking ‘what make everyday a positive one?’ And the light bulb went on! ‘Wait a minute! I haven’t linked M.E.A.P.O to Instagram!’  And instead of disappearing, I relaunched Make Everyday A Positive One. My life changed in seconds.  Literally, within two weeks of launching, I knew and felt confident about what I wanted for my brand.”

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Kizzy’s inspiration targets the younger generation submerged in social media culture.

In the midst of that tumultuous year of her life, Kizzy says that she realized she would get her breakthrough. “I realized God made these changes in my life suddenly like that for a reason. And the only reason I could honestly see was. M.E.A.P.O. It was meant to be born and change not only my life but the 1500 + and counting that we connect, interact and change everyday!”

Thankfully, M.E.A.P.O. is back and stronger than ever, as thousands find refuge in Kizzy’s hopeful and loving posts. As she advances in both her career and the M.E.A.P.O. movement, Kizzy applies some of the lessons she has learned from master life coaches like Tony Gaskins. “I started going to many different workshops, networking with top-end life coaches in the industry, and meeting like-minded people who let me feel I could be me.  I was making all these positive changes because I didn’t want to be the victim.”


One of the greatest feelings in this human experience is discovering your purpose. Kizzy recognized her purpose when a follower told her that one of her posts saved their life.  “I put up a post about not carrying guilt of the things you’re unable to change, as that’s what triggers our anxieties.  I have no idea why, but that day I felt compelled to stay within the mental health topic. And then about an hour after I posted that, someone commented that they were about to take their anxiety medication and self harm, but that my post stopped them. That was the point when I realized the power of M.E.A.P.O and knew God had started my mission.”

Currently M.E.A.P.O is solely based in social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) with a new subpage, M.E.A.P.O Fitness, where Kizzy shares motivation for a healthier way of life. As far as what’s next, the inspiring businesswoman plans on expanding her service work over the next few years. She’s recently implemented original M.E.A.P.O videos in which she offers motivation and advice to followers. “My main focus for us and our movement around the world is to know that YOU hold the power within YOU! NOT your circumstances, but YOU!”

Finally, at the end of our conversation, I asked Kizzy to complete each sentence in her own words.

Love is… The power to change anything in the world no matter how damaged.

Peace is… Freedom.

God is… My strength.

Happiness is… To accept life as it is and be graceful with the lessons learned from it. No matter how hard they seem, look at it with love and you will be happy.


This interview has been edited and condensed  for clarity purposes. Follow M.E.A.P.O on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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