Your Limits and Weakness Can Be Your Greatest Strength

That’s what’s true for artist Phil Hansen. And that’s what’s true for all of us.

When Hansen first discovered that he had permanent nerve damage in his hand, he thought his art career was over. The perfect round dots and straight lines he used in his work for years, suddenly escaped him. Only left with a shaky stride, Hansen decided to take his “flaw,” or limitation rather, and expand into new creative depths.

“We need to be limited in order to be limitless,” Hansen told an audience during a powerful motivational speech.  Watch the 10 minute (yes it’s long, but I promise you it’s worth it)  video and prepare to be blown-away by how a man embarked on infinite creativity through what was first perceived as a dead-end defeat.

My takeaway: What resonated with me the most was Hansen’s words on letting go. Before he embraced the shake, he tried to work against it. So many times we work against the things that make us unique. We shame the faults that could be our greatest superpower. From my own personal experience, I find that many of my setbacks or shortcomings could really be my advantage if I truly allow them to be. Times when I struggle to find stable employment granted me my most creative bursts, time and energy. Painful relationships produced my most honest poetry. And like with many people, financial limitations have forced me into profound innovation.  The realization is inspiring. It makes you look forward to all the boundaries in your life. How can they help you today? It may not always be visible but the solution is always present.


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